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about us

the conscious collective was born out of a love for beautiful products and their makers.

more than ever before, the obligation to shop more mindfully has been called upon us to protect and promote the health of ourselves, our surroundings and our planet. 


we are living in busy and overwhelming times, often forgetting to prioritise our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. the products we stock are designed to offer you an opportunity to re-connect to yourself whether that be meditating with incense, reading a book by candle light or spritzing your pillows with a mist to ensure a restful night's sleep. we want to encourage the value in connecting with yourself, even for just 5 minutes a day.

we are proud to support other independent UK businesses who share our values which include not testing on animals, using the most natural ingredients where possible and offering packaging that is recyclable or reusable.

each individual product profile contains detailed information as we aim to be completely transparent about the products that we stock - their origins and their ingredients.


we hope that you enjoy browsing our carefully curated selection of products and be assured that you can feel good about your purchase with us.


thank you for visiting!


sophie x


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