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the joy of rituals

what do you think of when you hear the word ritual? do you imagine a scene in a church? or maybe a spiritual ceremony by moonlight with crystals? the reality is that rituals can be both and neither of these things at the same time! a ritual is defined in the cambridge dictionary as 'a way of doing something in which the same actions are done in the same way every time'. now think about things you do everyday in your life that are done in the same way every time - chances are there will be a few things that you can pinpoint, they may even be typically ordinary and mundane things. the beauty of a ritual is that it doesn't necessarily have to have a purpose or a goal, it just needs to be something you feel brings value to your life and serves you well in the moment.

rituals can be helpful when it comes to our wellbeing as we humans are creatures of habit and have a desire for routine and predictability. scientists have even studied the impact of rituals on people's brains when faced with an anxiety inducing task - with the results showing lower heart rates and reduced feelings of anxiety in participants who performed some kind of ritual beforehand. so, what different types of rituals can we include in our daily life and how exactly can they enhance our wellbeing? we've detailed 8 ritual examples below for you to explore;

1) affirmations repeating affirmations to ourselves internally or out loud can help us to reinforce a positive mindset and increase our self esteem. try repeating statements such as;

"I believe in myself and trust my own wisdom"

"I deserve a peaceful and loving life"

"I am safe and protected"

by using affirmations, we can train our unconscious mind to focus less on negative self talk patterns and the self depreciating beliefs that limit us.

2) sleep

setting yourself up for a good night's rest is crucial, especially in these times of screens and blue light! creating a ritual before bed that will aid the transition to relaxation can help you to drift off quicker and sleep more soundly. start with removing screens and devices from your bedroom, prepare a herbal tea (we love using Pukka's Night Time Berry), spritz your duvet and pillows with one of our room mists such as sleepy head or unwind and maybe read a book to help you wind down.

3) meditation

one of my favourite ways to feel instantly grounded is via guided meditation. try adding a 5 minute meditation ritual into your day to connect to your inner calm and to help set the tone, try using incense. meditation is known to help us by reducing levels of stress, improve our concentration and self awareness. it can also help us reflect on our thoughts and emotions, which can allow us to respond in a more balanced way to life's challenges.

4) a morning tea/coffee

find joy in the ordinary! it's possible you enjoy drinking the same beverage each day, maybe even at the same time each day so why not turn something small into a little ritual? pick your favourite spot to enjoy your beverage quietly and engage in a moment of reflection.

5) a daily walk

we could all benefit from being outside more. allocating some time in your day to get some fresh air is not only beneficial for your physical health but also your mental health. mindful walking - taking in sights and sounds as you go can help us to feel more connected to nature. adding this ritual into your day can be something to really look forward to.

7) journalling

journalling can be really beneficial for our wellbeing as it is your own safe space to write about your experiences, thoughts and feelings. if you are unsure how to get started you can use journal prompts to help you. ask yourself the following questions and write freely;

"what are 5 things you are grateful for?" "what do you appreciate the most about your personality?" "how do you show yourself compassion and kindness?"

8) nourishment setting time aside to prepare a balanced meal can be both relaxing and rewarding. choose 1 meal a day to prepare in this way and spend time planning out your nutritious meal, mindfully chopping up your ingredients and arranging the food on your plate knowing it is going to benefit both your body and your mind. for me, breakfast is my ritualistic mindful meal as it sets me up for the day.

we hope this post has provided you with some ritual inspiration! you don't have to have a day full of rituals to feel the benefits - start small and choose 1 thing to incorporate.

stay well,


founder of the conscious collective x

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