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looking after yourself in the colder months

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

seasonal change is now upon us! the leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and it's getting dark a little earlier than we have been used to for the past few months. welcoming autumn and winter with open arms can be hard if you've noticed some changes in yourself during this time. maybe you have noticed a dip in your energy levels, an increase in your appetite or a change in your mood? these are all very human and natural reactions to the colder weather. the arrival of autumn may also bring up some feelings of reflection as it signifies the end of summer, conducive to a sense of a 'new beginning' as we start a new school year and wave goodbye for now to that holiday feeling.

around the winter months, some of us may experience seasonal affective disorder - something that has a range of symptoms (some severe) and is thought to be linked to the reduced amount of sunlight that we are exposed to during these months along with the cooler temperatures. it may leave you feeling sad and hopeless with less desire to socialise and it can affect your day to day life. if you struggle with the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and it is interfering with your daily life you can find more information and help here.

one thing that is for certain in our lives is mother nature. the changing of the seasons are inevitable. it happens every year and although we may still get some warm autumn sunshine, we may also get some rainy grey days too. we are going to explore how we can work with the colder and darker months, to protect and enhance our wellbeing during this time. read our tips below;

1) exposure to sunlight - make the most of that delicious natural light! try to make sure you are getting outside in the hours that are available. natural light helps to wake us up and kick starts various functions in the body. it is also connected to the increase of the 'feel good' chemical serotonin.

2) stick to your normal exercise routine - looking after your physical health is not just for the warmer months. getting out for walks and engaging in some movement (regardless of the weather) can be so beneficial to our mood and energy levels, and can even help us to sleep better. if you build up this habit when the weather is warmer it will be second nature to you come the colder months.

3) connect with others - naturally, we are going to be spending more time indoors during autumn and winter so it's important not to let your social connections slip. it is easier than ever to connect virtually or over the phone with a friend or family member so you can still feel that warm feeling of talking to someone you love, especially if you find the colder months difficult.

4) mindful diet - try to stay mindful of what you eat during these months to best take care of your energy levels and mood. eating regularly will help stabilise your blood sugar. take inspiration from ayurveda (an ancient indian medical system) and nourish your body with warm meals and drinks to help feel balanced. try to incorporate foods such as oats, stewed vegetables and fruit and warming spices such as cinnamon and ginger.

5) listen to your body - naturally we may feel the inclination to sleep more during the colder months and if that's what you it! resting can be so beneficial for our minds and bodies. try to wake up in conjunction with the sun to make things a little easier on your body clock.

6) enjoy some self care - put some time aside to take care of yourself and do things you enjoy. we love spending a dreary afternoon reading under a blanket by candlelight with one of our uplifting aromatherapy candles such as revive from made by coopers - with gorgeous scents of energising lemongrass, ginger, lime and bergamot to help boost our mood. or, how about turning your attention inward through journalling or practicing yoga? we love to compliment these activities with the grounding scent of luxury incense. shop our range from sacred elephant here.

with autumn and winter comes a slower pace of life, one that we should try to embrace and relish in for the time that it is with us. we hope the above tips help you in some way.

one thing is for certain, the seasons will change again before we know it! stay well,

sophie x

founder of the conscious collective


'a pukka life' - book by sebastian pole

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