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how to be alone

are you good at being alone?

if you answered no, you won't be the only one. humans are not naturally good at being alone, we are social creatures at heart. we often find ourselves feeling happier as part of the pack and spend our time seeking validation from others. it doesn't always feel comfortable to be alone either, especially if we are struggling with unresolved feelings within ourselves such as low self esteem. although we may prefer being in the company of others, it's actually really beneficial for us to practice solitude. solitude can help us grow as an individual and encourages our creativity, productivity and empathy. in addition, having time alone is essential for our wellbeing. it offers us a chance to rest, recharge and reconnect with ourselves away from the noise and fast pace of everyday life.

to be happy and content in ourselves is a valid goal but it starts with a few questions. try asking yourself;

"what makes me feel most in tune with myself?" "what makes me curious and want to learn more?"

"what makes me smile?" asking and answering these questions may offer you some guidance on what activities you can do on your own. spending time doing something that aligns with our values and interests will contribute positively to our self identity. try something new that we've been wanting to do for a while is great for our growth mindset and doing something that makes us happy is simply good for the soul! here are some ideas of wholesome activities you can do on your own;

- reading

- time in nature such as mindful walking or trying your hand at gardening

- exercise in any form! try dancing, taking a yoga class or going for a walk

- things you would normally do with someone like going to the cinema or going for a coffee, try going on your own to get out of your comfort zone.

- take on a new hobby like pottery or art class and be surprised by your creativity.

- volunteering to help others or contributing to a positive cause.

one of the biggest advantages of solitude is that it's just you. there are no outside pressures to accommodate. you can put your own thoughts, feelings and desires first and learn about yourself. spending time alone can also help you to rest and preserve your energy. so much of our day can involve sharing our energy with others whether that's as a parent, a co-worker or a friend. take some time to preserve your own precious energy currency.

if you feel that your lifestyle doesn't allow for much alone time, try scheduling it in to your week instead so you view it as important as any other commitment you have in the calendar. even a few minutes a day of being alone can be beneficial.

what will you try doing on your own?

stay well,

sophie x

founder of the conscious collective

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