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exploring the benefits of aromatherapy

Updated: May 13, 2022

use of therapeutic aromatherapy dates right back to ancient civilizations, including the indians, chinese, egyptians, greeks and romans who used them in a range of products including cosmetics, perfumes and drugs - but what can the wonders of this holistic treatment really do for you? so many of the products that we stock here at the conscious collective have aromatherapy benefits and we would love to share them with you in this post!

let's start with a few basic questions and answers to give you a brief introduction to aromatherapy;

1) what is aromatherapy? aromatherapy is the use of essential oils extracted from plants to promote health and wellbeing. this holistic practice can involve inhaling the aroma of the oils or applying topically to the skin through treatment such as a massage from a qualified therapist.

2) how does aromatherapy work?

many experts believe that aromatherapy works using our sense of smell. the smell receptors in our nose send a message to the same area of our brain that is responsible for our emotional responses. this means our sense of smell has a big influence on our inner sense of wellbeing!

3) who is aromatherapy suitable for?

aromatherapy can be suitable for anyone and everyone, regardless of the benefit you would like to receive from it. although we typically associate aromatherapy to feelings of stress and anxiety - many essential oils can also be used to compliment feelings of happiness and clarity.

so where have you experienced aromatherapy before? the answer is most likely to be during a serene spa day or soothing aromatherapy treatment, which lets be honest, not many of us get to experience too often! but why should we limit this experience to once in a blue moon when this environment can so easily be created in our own home on a daily basis?

we are currently living in extraordinary times where the nature of our society is fast paced and filled with overwhelming information. it's a society where many of us feel the pressure to successfully balance work, relationships, our health and social commitments. this can be even more challenging when we do not feel aligned with ourselves or our emotions.

aromatherapy can be used as a great anchor to connect to yourself and help support your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. you can create your own safe sanctuary at home or work very easily and using very little. different scents can help bring you back to a calm or uplifting atmosphere. we have listed some products below that are the perfect aid for you to achieve this;

1) the 'bloom' room mist created by nathalie bond - this beautiful room mist is sweetly scented with the floral aromas of rose geranium and patchouli essential oils. rose geranium is known to have mood boosting properties, whilst patchouli possesses an earthy scent helpful for a sense of grounding and calm. simply mist into the air to reap the benefits of this all natural blend. available to shop here

2) the 'calm' candle from made by coopers - one of our favourite products from the made by coopers range is the 'calm' candle. scented with a reassuring blend of organic lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, rosemary and frankincense, this candle is pure relaxation in a jar! lavender essential oil is a powerhouse when it comes to calming and has associations to stress relief. we love burning this one in the evenings to wind down after a busy day. available to shop here

3) the 'sunshine' candle created by nathalie bond - if you are in need of a pick me up, this candle is such a brightly scented, uplifting option. made with the essential oils of bergamot, grapefruit and ylang ylang, it offers a slightly citrus-y scent which can certainly help lift your spirits or even compliment a joyful mood. we find the labelling bright and 'sunny' too! available to shop here

4) the 'purify' mist from made by coopers - a natural, plant derived formula which can instantly refresh your space. the 'purify' mist is made with an essential oil blend of organic lemon, sage, oregano and rosemary. together these oils offer a very cleansing, uplifting and energising aroma - with sage specifically helping to remove stagnant and negative energy. if you are feeling in a bit of a 'funk' we recommend giving your space 2-3 sprays of this to re-centre and gain some clarity. available to shop here

so, if you haven't tried aromatherapy before we hope this post encourages you to give it a try! as explored above, aromatherapy can be used in a range of environments for a variety of different moods and emotions. it's a great treatment to be able to refer to and we would highly recommend utilising it as often as possible, if it works for you.

which product are you going to try first? leave a comment below!

stay well,

sophie x

founder of the conscious collective

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