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daily habits that can better our wellbeing

the end of a year brings a sense of reflection as well as hope for the year ahead. as 2022 draws to a close there may be things about the year that you wish had gone differently - maybe there were goals you never accomplished or ideas you wanted to commit to but ultimately didn't. you may find yourself setting goals or resolutions for the new year, in the hope for change. whilst we agree that 2023 starts a new chapter in all of our lives, it doesn't necessarily have to come with the pressures of being the best year ever... we all know life doesn't quite work that way!

as 2023 may bring us unpredictability and new challenges as all the years before it, we encourage you to focus on the things that are in your control and can make you feel better overall - mentally, physically and spiritually. small things you can fit into your day to help you on your way to feeling more balanced, connected and at peace. we are of the firm belief that the different aspects of wellbeing are carefully intertwined and are key to creating a certain level of harmony in our lives. if you are fed up of overwhelming new year resolutions, join us in reading this post and setting some manageable intentions for the new year with the following daily habits that can better our wellbeing;

physical habits;

why? physical movement is essential to keep our minds AND bodies healthy. evidence shows that exercise causes chemical changes in the brain which can positively change your mood and it can also help to raise our self esteem.

what? walks in nature are a great place to start if you are new to movement. walking in nature can also be beneficial as it can lower your blood pressure versus walking in busy streets or on an indoor treadmill. a walk in the middle of the day can become something to look forward to as well as a chance to get some all important vitamin D whilst sunlight allows. we also love stretching and yoga on the days where more gentle movement is needed, it's a great chance to carefully ease out tension and kinks giving our body the reset it requires.

mental habits;

why? in a world where our minds are constantly over stimulated by unlimited news, social media and fast paced modern life, it's important to set some time aside to help regulate your nervous system and quieten the noise.

what? try tapping into mindfulness at some point during your day. mindfulness encourages us to focus on the present moment and allows us to develop an awareness of the world around us as well as our own thoughts and feelings. mindfulness practice can range from observing your breathing to noticing sights and smells in your environment. the joy of mindfulness is that it can be practiced anywhere and with as much or as little time as you have available to you.

spiritual habits;

why? as a society we are becoming increasingly disconnected from our selves and the world around us. who we are as a species hasn't evolved like the world around us with the technology it has. when we feel disconnected from ourselves in some way, it can lead us down a path of confusion and unhappiness. finding a way to connect with your spirit can help change your outlook on life from negative to positive.

what? try a short meditation in the morning to connect with your body and thoughts. there is no need to try to change how you are feeling, just let them come and go. meditation has been proven to improve awareness, clarity and compassion which will impact the way in which we see the world and respond to life experiences. you could also turn your hand to doing something creative like writing a short story, drawing something or trying a new recipe. creativity helps us to feel more fulfilled and purposeful which ultimately will shift how we view ourselves and our lives.

it's important that whatever intentions we set for 2023 are realistic so we stand a better chance of successfully incorporating them into our daily lives. after all, habits are built in the everyday! we recommend to start with one thing and keep it small, then you can gradually add something else and increase the time you devote to it.

one final habit we feel obliged to mention after 2 years of social isolation is the importance of connection. i only really realised the importance of this after noticing my anxiety had increased significantly during the pandemic and working from home alone. i felt isolated and lonely most days which was a shock to my system after working in a busy office for many years and interacting with people every day. i now have to take more preventative action and make sure i have some interactions scheduled into my week. be sure to make space in your day/week (depending how social you feel!) to speak to or see a friend or family member. studies show that our relationships with others offer emotional support, a sense of belonging and self worth which is so important to how we are feeling on the inside.

so, which habits will you be looking to add into your daily routine? whatever they may be we are wishing you the best for 2023! stay well,

sophie x

founder of the conscious collective


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